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Cliff Carlson Law, P.C wants you to know that you’re not in this alone!

At Cliff Carlson Law, P.C., we care about our clients and work hard to ensure their success. Proudly serving the residents of Middle Georgia, we provide cost-effective, efficient solutions to those with legal needs related to personal injury, consumer debt and small business law. Through a firm commitment and dedication to our clients’ issues, we are able to offer personalized service tailored to the unique needs of our clients. By focusing 100 percent of our attention on each client’s case, we are able to provide the highest quality representation to those who seek our counsel. We invite anyone with a legal need in one of our practice areas to contact our office for a free initial consultation. When you work with the attorneys at Cliff Carlson Law, P.C., you work with an experienced lawyer devoted to your success. Our law firm operates under an uncompromising set of values to ensure that we deliver the results our clients expect and deserve.

Our Values

  • Excellence: We offer excellent service regardless of your circumstances. No matter how complex and challenging your situation, you will receive the highest quality service and representation. No exceptions!
  • End-to-end service: We handle all of the research, documentation and paperwork related to your case, and we remain by your side throughout the entire process. You don’t have to worry about a thing!
  • Clients first, money second: In personal injury cases, we don’t get paid until you receive a settlement or award. For small business and consumer debt clients, we offer affordable rates and convenient payment plans so that you can receive the top-notch service you need without breaking the bank or adding to your financial stress.
  • Professional and compassionate counsel: Through our empathetic approach, you will receive warm, caring representation that is impeccably professional.

About Clifford Carlson

Highly experienced and dedicated attorney Clifford Carlson founded Cliff Carlson Law, P.C., with a mission to help those in need. Licensed to practice before both state and federal courts, Cliff is regarded as the ‘go-to attorney’ for complex personal injury cases. With a background in engineering, he offers a unique perspective on both the legal and technical aspects of a case, and through his experience working on multi-million dollar projects, he is not afraid to deal with large corporations. As a former United States marine, Mr. Carlson understands what it means to serve. With his distinctive blend of “street smarts,” technical knowledge and court-room savvy, Cliff is a meticulous and candid attorney who gets results.

About Our Attorneys

Cliff Carlson Law, P.C., has a network of reputable, highly skilled attorneys who are well-versed and experienced in their respective practice areas. Working as a close-knit unit, our attorneys combine their strengths and rely on each other’s advice to provide unparalleled representation with a high rate of success. Each of our attorneys operates with a genuine desire to help, and each personifies our firm’s core values. Through this approach, our attorneys have gained a solid reputation for providing the highest level of representation and service to our clients.

How We Help Clients

At Cliff Carlson Law, P.C., we follow a specific workflow to address our clients’ needs. Because we offer a wide variety of services involving a diverse range of legal practice areas, we adapt our workflow to suit the specific requirements of our clients on a case-by-case basis.

  • Initial meeting: During our initial consultations, we meet with our clients and gather all of the pertinent information related to their cases. Depending on the client’s case or need, we then assign a suitable advocate who will work directly with the client and provide a tentative timeline for the case.
  • Questions and Answers: We consult with our clients and address their questions and concerns. From there, we can better gauge their needs and expectations and advise accordingly. For our clients whose cases may involve litigation, court judgments or award settlements, we advise them regarding possible motions, the outcome they can expect and the relative strengths of their cases.
  • Discovery: During the discovery phase, we prepare our arguments based on the solid facts surrounding the case. We then collect any necessary documentation and/or eyewitness accounts as well as testimony from other relevant parties. We also guide our clients in preparing for depositions and other discovery.
  • Motions and Settlements: Our attorneys consider all available options related to motions and settlements. Always striving for the best interests of our clients, we advise them of their options and recommend the best steps to take so that they receive the full amount of compensation to which they are entitled. If a settlement is not in our client’s best interests, we will prepare for trial.
  • Trial and Collection: If a case does go to trial, we will fight hard for our clients by using focused arguments, irrefutable evidence and compelling testimony to secure the maximum amount of recompense possible. As advocates for justice, we work tirelessly to achieve a successful judgement, and we won’t stop working until our clients receive their awards.
  • Appeals: Should a trial not end to our client’s satisfaction, we will appeal the case to see that justice is served.

If you need help with your personal injury claim, you seek relief from overwhelming debt or you need assistance with a legal aspect of your small business, the attorneys at Cliff Carlson Law, P.C., will walk you through the steps and advocate on your behalf so that you succeed.

We are a highly efficient personal injury firm serving Middle Georgia with commitment and dedication. We handle cases pertaining to car accidents, wrongful deaths and work related compensation, especially when the claimants do not possess adequate coverage or the buffer of an insurance policy in the first place.

We are highly sensitive to the stress and frustrations typical of such extenuating circumstances and thus strive to ensure that our clients can leave the paperwork (and attendant issues) to our trusted advocates, freeing up time to recover physically and emotionally.

Cliff Carlson Law, P.C operates on the policy of 100% attention to each and every case. Be it an out-of-court settlement or a fast-track trial, we gather the required history, research precedents and leverage relevant legal provisions to prepare your case. As a result, we choose to focus on a handful of clients at a time to maintain quality and the integrity of our promises.

To find out how we can help you through the legal issues you face, contact our office at 478.254.1018 or use our online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.


Driven and highly experienced Clifford Carlson helms Cliff Carlson Law, P.C

personal injuryCliff practices in both state and federal courts. He is relied upon as the ‘go-to-attorney’ for complicated Personal Injury cases involving a deep understanding of both legal as well as technical aspects. His meticulousness comes from his experience as an engineer and a United States Marine. He is comfortable working on high value projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Cliff is the right mix of ‘street smart’ and court-room savvy, and he knows how to get his clients the justice they deserve by being a candid and tireless attorney.


Cliff Carlson Law, P.C advocates possess sterling track records of Personal Injury excellence. They assist clients commendably and work as a close knit unit, seeking counsel and advice from each other to bring the concerted wisdom of the whole firm to challenging suits.

They have a reputation of success and wins in Middle Georgia coupled with a genuine desire to help victims of accidents and injustice.

Our Values:

1Excellence under all circumstances! Irrespective of how complicated a situation, our attorneys always give their very best to a case. No exceptions!

2Facilitated end-to-end service! Cliff Carlson Law, PC ensures that all the research, documentation and paper work of cases are handled. We understand the severity of your problems and DO NOT add to your worries.

3Money second, clients first!

4Professionalism and warmth! Even though we always try to dissociate ourselves from the image of uncaring legal help with our empathetic approach, each and every advocate is impeccably professional.



The following is a best case model of our workflow and it is adapted to suit the unique requirements of individual clients.

Initial Meeting:

We meet with the client and gather information pertaining to the instance of personal injury. This is where initial evaluation takes place and a suitable advocate is assigned to the victim depending upon the nature of the aggravation and the possible time-line of the case.

Qs & As:

These sessions involve answering the questions of the claimant about possible motions, the expected outcome and the strength of the case that can be built.


We prepare our arguments based on solid facts and thus over the course of the ‘discovery’ phase we collect documentation or oral versions of events from witnesses and other relevant parties. We also guide our clients in preparing for depositions and other discovery.

Motions & Settlements:

This is usually the first brush with the actual resolution process. Cliff Carlson Law P.C advocates consider all available motion options as well as factors for settlement in the best interest of the client to ensure fair compensation and to prepare for trial.

Trial & Collection:

If a case does go to trial, we facilitate focused arguments and present facts in a compelling way to highlight the plight of the client. We can claim competence in this regard because we take time to genuinely empathize with victims and understand the consequences of not securing fair compensation from their perspective!

After a victory is in the bag, we work quickly and efficiently to allow the claimant access to his/her award.


If a trial doesn’t end satisfactorily, we may also be commissioned to work on an appeal.

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