LabCorp: 7.7 Million Consumers Hit in Collections Firm Breach

Labcorp’s incompetence at accurately billing has carried over into their ability to protect consumers’ private information. Labcorp like many other “creditors” uses what we call a third-party collection firm. This adds a layer of deniability when things go wrong or consumers are injured. One of those third-party collectors is the American Medical Collection Agency. They are also known as Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau. Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau is pretty well known to Consumer Protection Attorneys. A quick search in Pacer shows they have been sued well over 100 times. This would indicate they have a history of not treating consumers with dignity and respect.

The debt collector said there was a breach that exposed personal and financial data of over 7 million consumers. This is after the American Medical Collection Agency reported to Quest Diagnostics they had exposed personal, financial and medical data on nearly 12 million Quest patients. It is unclear to the public what was actually exposed and if it was actually accessed by a malfeasant. My guess is that there will never be any admission as to that, and the companies will use vague and broad language to describe this fiasco.

Allegedly there were no social security numbers or insurance information that was stored on their computers. However, this is probably true as much of the litigation against Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau has been related to them collecting debts from consumers that didn’t owe it. If they didn’t have access to a social security number or a patient’s insurance information, there is no way for them to validate the debt. It all kind of makes sense now.

For further reading please see this article. If you have been contacted by any of the above mentioned entities, you should seriously consider discussing your situation with a consumer protection attorney.

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