3 State Attorneys Fighting Ringless Robocall Proposal

Back in March of this year, a marketing firm petitioned the Federal Communication Commission to allow itself and other telemarketing companies to use ringless robocall technology that sends a pre-recorded message straight to a consumer’s voicemail without ever causing the individual’s phone to ring. Proponents of this technology assert that it does not fall under […]

Things to Consider with Debt Restructuring

If you are saddled by overwhelming debt from credit cards and other unsecured lines of credit, you are likely considering your options to find relief. While bankruptcy can be a viable method for discharging most, if not all, of your debt, you may not be ready to take that step and are looking into other […]

What You Need to Know About Debt Relief and Credit Repair Services

  In today’s economy, anyone can fall victim to overwhelming debt. Unfortunately, finding yourself in this position likely means that you cannot handle your insurmountable debt load, and your credit rating has likely suffered as a result. Many people in this situation turn to companies who promise debt relief, debt consolidation, credit counseling and credit […]

Auto Lender in Trouble Again for Unlawful Debt Collection Practices

A company that provides auto loans for military service members is in trouble again after failing to honor an agreement it reached with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2015. Now, the company must pay additional penalties as well as make good on the refunds and credits it promised consumers following violations of illegal and […]

Avoid These Common Mistakes with Credit Card Debt

Credit cards offer a convenient form of payment for all types of goods and services. However, without careful planning and consideration of one’s spending, an individual’s credit card debt can spiral out of control, leaving the person unable to pay down his or her card balances while also providing for his or her basic necessities […]

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