The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Course

In Georgia, if you can remember that driving while intoxicated is bad and you have a little bit of common sense, the DMV will probably give you a permit to ride a motorcycle. Officially, you are supposed to read the handbook and know all of the rules. I didn’t and they gave me one when […]

Conversation with the Other Party

Should I talk to the other Driver? With the exception of ensuring they do not need medical attention and exchanging identity information, probably not. Certainly do not discuss the details of the accident with them. If you both find you are die-hard Cleveland Brown fans, and you want to discuss football, proceed with caution. This […]

Motorcycle Accident Checklist

  If you have been in a motorcycle, or any type of vehicle accident, here are some helpful steps: 1. First Aid – If there are injuries call an ambulance. If you are injured ask a friend or family member to help carry out the rest of this checklist. 2. Police – Call the police. […]


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