Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Continue to Drop Nationwide

As testament to an economy that seems to be strengthening, the total number of consumer bankruptcy filings decreased nationwide again this past April. According to reports citing AACER bankruptcy data, consumer bankruptcy filings in April 2017 fell 1.2 percent from the same period last year. This is evidence of a trend that has seen a […]

Georgia Car Accident Claims Lives of 4 Teens

Losing a loved one in a car accident is devastating no matter the age of the victim, but when the victim is still a teenager, the grief the surviving family members experience can be all the more intense. Such may be the case for the families of four teens whose lives were tragically cut short […]

Beware of Companies That Offer Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loans can account for a significant portion of a person’s debt liability. Often, these loans total in the tens of thousands of dollars and can create financial hardships for the loan holder. What’s worse, student loans are not easily discharged in bankruptcy, which leaves many consumers struggling to find relief from this insurmountable debt. […]

Federal Agency Probing Complaints Against Medical Debt Collectors

Even if you have insurance, an unexpected medical emergency can cause you to incur considerable medical expenses. If you used a health care provider that was not part of your insurance network, then the costs for even routine medical procedures can quickly add up. Just like other forms of consumer debt, medical debt can place […]

IRS Hiring Third-Party Debt Collectors to Recover Unpaid Taxes

It’s that time of year when people across the nation file their taxes. While many will receive a tax refund, many others will have to pay taxes to the federal government. In order to recover money from some of those who owe back taxes, the Internal Revenue Service is hiring third-party debt collectors to handle […]

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