Improve Your Credit Score by Reporting Your Rent

If you rent an apartment or home and are looking for a way to improve your credit score, you may take advantage of a little-known tactic many renters throughout the country are already using. By paying your rent on time and reporting your rent history to the major credit bureaus, you can boost your current […]

Debt Consolidation Versus Bankruptcy

If you are struggling with too much debt and are considering options to deal with it, you may have debated whether debt consolidation or bankruptcy is the best choice. First off, you must understand that debt consolidation is not the same thing as debt settlement. Whereas debt settlement seeks to reduce your debts, debt consolidation […]

Bankruptcy Filings on the Rise Again Nationwide

After several years of declining, the rate of bankruptcy filings across the United States has started to rise again. This goes for both commercial and consumer bankruptcies, and analysts wonder whether or not the rise signals another economic collapse similar to the one that happened back in 2007-2008.  In fact, January 2017 saw back-to-back monthly […]

FCC Chairman Urged Not to Reverse Robo-Calls Limits

Consumer advocate groups are requesting that the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, upholds the restrictions placed on collection agencies for the amount of calls they make to consumers regarding their debts. In August of 2016, the FCC approved a provision regarding robo-calls to consumers’ cellphones, which limits the number of calls […]

Jury Awards $15 Million to Truck Accident Survivor

In April of 2015, five young nursing students from Georgia Southern University were killed in a seven car pile-up on Interstate 16. The truck driver allegedly responsible for the accident received a five-year prison sentence for his role in the crash, and his employer settled with the deceased victims’ families and one survivor for an […]

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