Uncontested Divorce

If you live in Houston or surounding counties and want an UNCONTESTED Divorce, We can help. 

What makes the divorce uncontested? Basically you and your spouse have to agree on everything prior to coming to our office. This includes child custody, property, alimoney, etc. If you have a disagreement, it won’t be uncontested.

How much does it cost? If you both reside in Houston County, we usually charge a flat rate of $750 for an uncontested divorce. Outside of Houston County we charge a little more if travel is required.

How long does it take? An uncontested divorce will take a minimum of 31 days, but ultimately the Judge will determine the length. Contested divorces, on the other had, can take several months or even years.

How do we get started? Give our office a call 478-254-1018.


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