July 2016 Saw Decline in Total Bankruptcies

There’s some good news and not-so-good news with regards to bankruptcy filings throughout the nation. After compiling data from Epiq Systems, Inc., the American Bankruptcy Institute reported that the total number of filings was down in July 2016 compared to a year ago. However, the filings in the commercial sector paints a slightly less optimistic […]

Georgia Recycling Company Declaring Bankruptcy

A company that recycles plastic materials has recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. QRS Recycling of Georgia LLC is closing its Georgia facility and was recently in an Atlanta bankruptcy court to seek protection. The company also has recycling operations in St. Louis and Baltimore, but those sites will not be affected by the Georgia […]

Life Insurance Policy Not Exempt in GA Bankruptcy

When filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Georgia, many debtors take advantage of the state’s property exemption guidelines to protect as many of their assets as they can. However, one asset cannot be exempted from the proceedings. A district court recently ruled that the cash surrender value of one’s life insurance policy […]

Discharging Student Loan Debt Through Bankruptcy

  Many people believe that student loans cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. However, the reality is that, although the process is often very difficult, it is not impossible. In fact, one out-of-state man has recently reached a settlement to discharge over $240,000 worth of student loans through bankruptcy. The man, now 65, used the loans […]

Alleviating Concerns About Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you face overwhelming debt and struggle to stay afloat financially, you may already have considered bankruptcy as a debt defense. However, you may be concerned about the negative impact filing will have on your credit, your reputation and your future. While such concerns are legitimate, the truth is that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy […]

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