Motorcycle Accident Claims 1 in Cobb County

All motorists need to remain vigilant on the roads. This is especially true for drivers of trucks and passenger vehicles who may not readily see a motorcyclist in their midst. The safety mantra “look twice, save a life” has been adopted by many as a way to cut down on fatal motorcycle accidents where the […]

Georgia Motorcycle Accident Kills 1, Injures Another

It is widely known that driving at excessive speeds increases the chances of being involved in a devastating crash. When the vehicle in question is a motorcycle, its occupants have little to no protection from any impacts or collisions that may result. Because of this, those on motorcycles are more likely to suffer severe injuries […]

Motorcyclist Killed in Peachtree City

All motorists should be vigilant concerning other vehicles on the road as they are driving. Motorcycles in particular can be hard to see at times, and the driver of a passenger vehicle may not notice them in time to avoid an accident. Sadly, such seems to be the case in a recent death of a […]

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