Georgia Motorcycle Accident Kills 1, Injures Another

It is widely known that driving at excessive speeds increases the chances of being involved in a devastating crash. When the vehicle in question is a motorcycle, its occupants have little to no protection from any impacts or collisions that may result. Because of this, those on motorcycles are more likely to suffer severe injuries […]

Georgia Car Accident Claims Life, Injuries Several

Four-lane highways typically have a center median to separate opposing traffic. Many of those medians contain barriers that prevent vehicles from entering into the opposite lane of travel, but sometimes, those medians are simply turning lanes that offer little to no protection from out-of-control vehicles. Such was the case recently in a car accident in […]

Two Construction Workers Injured by Driver

Road construction crews face many inherent dangers exacerbated by the fact that they are usually working so close to moving traffic. For this reason, most road construction sites have signs and lights informing drivers to slow down, and, in fact, speeding fines typically increase inside construction zones. However, this does not always mean that drivers […]

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