Distracted Truck Driver Causes Fatal Accident in Georgia

  More and more, it seems, distracted driving is being blamed on causing devastating vehicle crashes throughout the nation. A truck driver who caused a fatal accident recently in Valdosta admitted he was distracted just before the crash occurred. The wreck claimed the life of one teenager and sent several others to the hospital with […]

Georgia Car Accident Claims Life, Injuries Several

Four-lane highways typically have a center median to separate opposing traffic. Many of those medians contain barriers that prevent vehicles from entering into the opposite lane of travel, but sometimes, those medians are simply turning lanes that offer little to no protection from out-of-control vehicles. Such was the case recently in a car accident in […]

Georgia Car Accident Claims Life of Teen

  A teenager is dead and several others were injured after a recent crash in Georgia. The car accident took place around 10:20 p.m. on Saturday, July 16, in Putnam County on Ga. 212. Two vehicles were involved in the crash, and alcohol is suspected to be a contributing factor.   According to authorities, a […]

Bicyclist Killed in Accident with Dump Truck

Drivers of motor vehicles should exercise caution when they encounter bicyclists on the road. Likewise, municipalities should ensure their roadways are properly maintained so they are safe for those riding bicycles. A recent fatal accident in Savannah underscores the importance of these two ideas. According to reports, a 61-year-old female bicyclist is now dead because […]

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