Five Strategies to Prevent Identity Theft

On May 6, 2019, we unveiled an Identity Theft Protection Guide, offering practical steps to safeguard your personal information. This guide delves into various protective measures, allowing you to choose the most suitable options for your circumstances. Given the prevalence of hacking and data breaches, which have compromised the personal information of many Americans, it’s … Read more

To Title Pawn or Not…

Maybe you just need a little money to make it to next payday. Are title pawn companies like TitleMax a good deal? Heck yeah….if you own stock or interest in that company. They seem to operate with impunity. It’s almost like they have a politician on the payroll. Well…. he is retired from politics now … Read more

Can’t Pay? No Problem. We will punish your kids.

Today I have another example of the stellar performance we see from debt collectors, and, in particular, medical debt collectors. In this particular case, the debt collector, AR Resources, Inc. got two people confused. They had different names, different social security numbers, and even an almost 50-year age gap. The only thing they had in … Read more