Flat Fee Wills

If you are considering a will or estate plan, then you probably care about the welfare of your beneficiaries. Your Will, as part of a comprehensive estate plan, is one tool to accomplish your goals. For complex estates, a will can take substantial time with an attorney to ensure the best outcome. However, for smaller estates, a simple will can be very cost effective and provide an adequate solution that will still make life much easier when the inevitable happens. For a small flat fee, we are happy to assist in drafting a simple will that can accomplish quite a lot without breaking the bank. If you decide later, or during the process that a more comprehensive estate plan is necessary, we can credit that flat fee to the full plan.

Our fixed fee for this service is $400 for an individual and $650 for a couple. If your estate requires tax planning, or if you want to place additional restrictions on your estate in order to accomplish other goals, then there will be an additional fee based upon the amount of time it takes to draft the provisions necessary to accomplish your goals.  The attorney will advise you of the fees at our initial meeting so there won’t be any surprises.

Effective January 1, 2021, Our Firm’s hourly rate for attorney’s fees is $400 per hour and the hourly rate for paralegal work is $150 per hour.

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