Sharing financial data

As financial services and companies increasingly request access to your data, it’s important to understand how data sharing works, what factors to consider before sharing your data, and how to protect your privacy and security. Here’s what you need to know:

How Data Sharing Works:

  • Data sharing involves services accessing, standardizing, and transporting your data with your explicit permission.
  • Different companies and services utilize data sharing in various ways, with some using shared data only once for verification purposes, while others use it on an ongoing basis.
  • When you share your data, you’re typically sharing it with the service provider and a separate aggregator company facilitating data sharing.

Factors to Consider Before Sharing Your Data:

  • Check the legitimacy of the service by considering trusted sources, reading reviews, and ensuring access to customer support.
  • Understand what data the service will access from your accounts, how it will be used, and whether it may be shared with third parties.
  • Review how often the service will access your accounts, what data will be stored and for how long, and whether it can make payments or move money between your accounts.
  • Learn how to dispute any errors in the data, stop the service from accessing your accounts, and delete shared data when necessary.

Protecting Your Data and Accounts:

  • Review your bank and credit card statements regularly for accuracy and report any unauthorized transactions immediately.
  • Cancel authorization and delete shared data from services you no longer use to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Change passwords frequently and have a separate strong password for each financial account to enhance security.
  • Take prompt action in response to data breach notifications from companies you do business with.

Dealing with Issues:

  • If you encounter problems with a financial product or service, try reaching out to the company first.
  • If the issue persists, you can submit a complaint to the relevant authorities for assistance in resolving the problem.

By understanding how data sharing works, being cautious about sharing your data, and taking proactive steps to protect your privacy and security, you can navigate the evolving landscape of financial services with confidence.

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