Understand your rights and protections concerning medical bills and collections to navigate this complex area effectively.

Medical billing and collections can be overwhelming, especially when you’re already dealing with a health crisis. If you’re facing this situation, know that assistance is available, and we’re here to ensure fair treatment for you. Here’s what you can do: We’re committed to addressing concerns surrounding medical debt and ensuring fair treatment for consumers. Our … Read more

If you have medical debt, any amount already paid or under $500 should no longer be listed on your credit report.

Nearly one in five households in the United States has reported experiencing some form of overdue medical debt. Patients and their families often find themselves contacted by debt collectors regarding medical bills more frequently than any other type of debt, leading to negative information appearing on credit records. In 2021 alone, approximately 43 million individuals … Read more

Can’t Pay? No Problem. We will punish your kids.

Today I have another example of the stellar performance we see from debt collectors, and, in particular, medical debt collectors. In this particular case, the debt collector, AR Resources, Inc. got two people confused. They had different names, different social security numbers, and even an almost 50-year age gap. The only thing they had in … Read more

Pay the money or else?

Surprise Medical Bills

I recently had a pre-discovery conference with a debt collector my firm is suing. This is a conference generally required by federal judges. Normally it is done within a couple of weeks of the defendant filing an answer. Many times, this is the first real contact I have with a debt collector or their attorneys … Read more